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This post is about 10+ best Playboy bunny Halloween costumes.

Playboy Bunny Halloween Costumes

Playboy bunny costumes are always popular if you're looking for a Halloween costume that will turn heads.

You can dress in the traditional costume or be a little more creative with your look; after all, there are plenty of options to choose from to figure out which is the best Playboy bunny Halloween costume for you.

Whether you're looking for a cute costume or something more naughty, this list of the 10+ best Playboy bunny Halloween costumes is perfect for this year's Halloween parties.

Here are 10+ best Playboy bunny Halloween costumes:

1. The Official Playboy Bunny Costume In Black

The Official Playboy Bunny Costume In Black — inspired by the legendary Playboy bunny uniform — is one of the most famous and iconic uniforms in American culture that continues to be popular today because it is both sexy and elegant.

This costume is a must-have for any fan of Playboy or pop culture; after all, it's true to the original Playboy bunny uniform look and will have you looking like you just stepped out of the pages of the magazine.

The costume includes the black bodysuit with cuffs, cufflinks with the rabbit head logo, tuxedo collar with bowtie, fluffy tail, rosette with the rabbit head logo, and of course, the signature bunny ears.

2. The Official Playboy Bunny Costume In Different Color Variations

The Official Playboy Bunny Costume also comes in different color variations, so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

If you want to be a little more playful with your look, there are colors like pink and blue available; if you want something sexier, there are also options like red and white.

No matter what color you choose to wear, there's bound to be a color that's perfect for you to make you look and feel like the ultimate bunny.

3. The Official Playboy Bunny Costume With Ruffled Feathers

If you're looking for a Playboy Bunny Costume with extra flair, then you need to get the version that comes with ruffled feathers.

The ruffled feathers add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication, making it even more alluring.

The costume includes the black or pink bodysuit (depending on which color you choose), with cuffs, cufflinks with the rabbit head logo, tuxedo collar with bowtie, fluffy Tail, rosette with the rabbit head logo, and the signature bunny ears.

4. The Official Playboy Bunny Costume In Black Vinyl

This all-black bodysuit is made of a stretchy black vinyl material that hugs your body in all the right places, showing off your curves in a sexy way.

5. The Official Playboy Bunny Costume In Sheer Rabbit Head Print

The Official Playboy Bunny Costume in Sheer Rabbit Head Print is a bodysuit made of sheer material, printed with the iconic rabbit head logo.

This costume is definitely for the more daring ladies out there because it leaves very little to the imagination, and it's sure to get you noticed.

6. The Official Playboy Bunny Costume With Iconic Covers

Are you a real Playboy fan? If you are, you'll love this version of the Official Playboy Bunny Costume with iconic covers; it's perfect for those who want to show their love and admiration for Playboy.

7. Breathtaking Bunny Costume

With this costume, you can roleplay as a sexy cosplay character, thanks to the cheeky cutback, matching gloves, and bunny eye mask with large ears that add a touch of mystery.

Become someone between a dominatrix superhero, naughty badass bunny, and mysterious frisky vixen; after all, all possibilities are tantalizing realities.

8. Tuxedo Bunny Costume

Transform yourself into an authentic and iconic Playboy Bunny with this tuxedo-style costume.

The custom includes a velvet romper with ruffled lace trim, adjustable spaghetti straps, a sheer lace front panel with button accents, a back panel made of lace, and a snap-on puff tail.

The set also has a matching bow tie choker, wrist cuffs, and lace ear headband.

9. Playtime Bunny Costume

Do you want to pay tribute to the historic Playboy Clubs and the iconic Playboy Mansion in one fun look? If you do, then you need the Playtime Bunny Costume.

This costume includes a strapless romper with attached suspenders, bunny ears, a black bow tie, a wrist cuff, and thigh-high stockings.

10. Scandalous Mrs. Tux Bunny Costume

Are you looking for the perfect costume to make you look like you just walked out of the Playboy Mansion? Then the Scandalous Mrs. Tux Bunny Costume is what you need!

The black bodysuit with a strapless sweetheart neckline is flattering and unique, and the addition of the tailcoats and bowtie ties the whole look together.

Don't forget the long black gloves, white wrist cuffs, and — the most important accessory — a bunny ear headband to complete the costume.

11. Sexy Tuxedo Bunny Costumes

These costumes are a business casual version of the Playboy Bunny Suit, and it's perfect for those looking for a sexier and more risque option than the traditional uniform.

12. Sheer Bodysuit Bunny Costume

Are you more conservative but still want to dress up as a bunny this Halloween? Then this Sheer Bodysuit Bunny Costume is what you've been looking for!

The bodysuit is made of a sheer material decorated with tiny rabbit heads all over the transparent fabric and comes with bunny ears, making this costume both cute and stylish.

13. Mansion Bachelorette Costume

We all know Hugh Hefner's signature red smoking jacket, so why not dress up as the Playboy Mansion's most famous resident this Halloween?

This iconic Playboy costume includes a velvet jacket with long sleeves, black cuffs, a deep V-neckline trimmed in black, a front clasp closure, and an embroidered rabbit head logo on the back.

The costume is not completed without the included black booty shorts, white collar, and black bow tie.

14. Holiday Bunny Suit Costume

Have you been nice or naughty this year? Either way, this Holiday Bunny Suit Costume will make you the life of every holiday party.

This costume includes a red sequined suit with feathers, bunny ears, a sophisticated tuxedo collar, and a bow tie.

The vinyl belt features the Playboy bunny logo in the buckle, making it clear that you're dressing up as a bunny.

No matter which costume you choose to wear, from the traditional Playboy costumes to more scandalous and sexy versions, you're sure to turn heads and be the center of attention when you walk into the party!

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